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Michael Jackson Dress Up Game

Okay, this is way too fun and a serious distraction when one is supposed to be working…


Unfortunately, I can’t seem to snag a sample snapshot of the clothes or the game, but basically, there is an animated Michael Jackson, and a wardrobe of fedoras, ties, pants, military jackets, etc. You drag and drop the clothes of your choice, kind of like virtual paper dolls, and become Jackson’s stylist….check it out!

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Michael Jackson Paper Dolls

Here’s what artist Tom Tierney says about his Michael Jackson Paper Dolls.

“There is a brand new one that is out, my Michael Jackson Paper Dolls, Commemorative Edition, 1958-2009. I just today received my copies of it and was delighted with the result. There are seven dolls, depicting Michael from his childhood until the end with costumes that go from the Jackson Five until his last Press interview. Dover has used an exciting new process, printing “glitter” on the costumes (that cannot flake off) where appropriate. Another paper doll “first”!”

The Texas artist has worked for stage sets, department stores, museums, and more, but he is most known for the paper dolls of the rich and famous. Recent additions include Barack Obama and Michael Jackson. Classic sets include Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Erte, Napoleon and Josephine, Judy Garland, Colonial Fashions, and more.


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You Sexy Muthafukka

Here’s a picture of Michael Jackson that I never saw before. I found it on a message board at http://www.last.fm/music/Michael+Jackson/+images/2869542

It made me smile and nod. Poor Michael- he really did make people so happy.

-from “stellzy”

lord i wanna be those pants.. omg one button un done.. this feels like a porno…mmm… love MJ.

He is pretty sexy here. He had his moments, for sure.

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Best. Picture. Ever.

This is one of my all-time favourite photos of the Jackson Five. You just can’t go wrong with those ice cream coloured candy suits and afros.

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Michael Jackson Goes To Prom

Don’t run screaming when a young Michael Jackson shows up with your prom date, complete with old school Afro and a signature bow tie.

I think Rihanna did it better- a few jehri curls and some sleek military blazers. There are better ways to channel the King of Pop.


For more Michael, click here.

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