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Handmade Michael Jackson Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate the festive holiday season by festooning your Christmas tree with these wonderful handmade Michael Jackson Christmas balls. Claire and Linda from Rhode Island have all kinds of lovely ornaments to offer, but these Michael Jackson decorations are my favourites, of course.


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Spend Your Winters with Michael Jackson!

Seeing as it’s been summer here in Toronto since the end of February, I suppose it was only fair that we got some snow yesterday. As MJ’s rival Prince sang, “Sometimes it snows in April.”

Which got me thinking- did anyone carve a Michael Jackson statue at one of those ice festivals this winter?

I found this snow sculpture from the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan.

Photo by Tmaeda_Japan

I found someone’s snowman, too.

Ice sculptors in Czechoslovakia are hoping for a permanent tribute statue. Daniela Kartáková of the group Project Heal the World who carved an ice statue of The King this winter said, “We think about Michael all the time, and one of the aims of our organisation and our activities is to bring people together. Here in the Czech Republic people have for a long time been separate from one another in social terms, people stay at home and are only interested in themselves and their family, people are envious…So our idea was to unite people by doing something together.”

A competition in Cape Town challenged artists to create a famous face using ice, snow, and paint alone. Here are results for John Lennon and Michael Jackson:

And in my travels I found these positively groovy Michael Jackson Christmas ornaments! For those of you already getting ready for the holidays, you won’t want to miss your chance to stock up early. I sourced these at the Lee Carter Company- Mexican Crafts and Accessories (well, they spell it “Accesories” so keep that in mind!)

Lee Carter Accessories
2476 Harrison Street
San Francisco CA 941110
Tel: 415-824-2004     Fax: 415-824-2009
e-mail: info@leecartercompany.com

Lee Carter is apparently a wholesaling company, so you need to be a registered wholesaler to order. I could only see one Michael Jackson themed product, but the vast array of Virgin Mary accessories, ornaments, Day of the Dead, religious items, brightly painted decorations, and nifty items like watering cans all using our recycled junk made a fascinating excursion.


One fan couldn’t imagine Christmas without Michael, so here’s a pic of the family tree:

There are surely many more but we’ll leave something for Christmas 2010.

xo Lorette

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