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Order in the Court

Michael Jackson sure knows how to rock a suit. Wow. Most of his suits were flamboyant, but he toned it down with understated couture for the courtroom melodrama. Well, toned down for Michael Jackson, that is. When I heard that Jackson never wore the same suit twice, I had to take a peek- weren’t there hundreds of days in court? Didn’t that mean hundreds of suits?

Yes, indeedy. Turns out that L.A. designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins, who designed most of the suits, worked around the clock, waking at three a.m. to take the superstar his suit of the day. They say he would always express his gratitude with a hug. They worked on a mannequin shaped like Jackson, and stayed focused on structured dancer fits with dazzling embellishments inspired by the military, jewel tones, and silky exotic fabrics. This way, Jackson streamlined his love for gaudy accessories and glorious ostentatiousness into unique, spare details.

Looking up his court suit photos led me to an absolute goldmine: www.gallery.steady-laughing.com. Purportedly the largest Jackson photo gallery online, this supersite boasts some SIX THOUSAND Michael Jackson photographs from all eras.

Guess I won’t be going out this weekend.

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You Sexy Muthafukka

Here’s a picture of Michael Jackson that I never saw before. I found it on a message board at http://www.last.fm/music/Michael+Jackson/+images/2869542

It made me smile and nod. Poor Michael- he really did make people so happy.

-from “stellzy”

lord i wanna be those pants.. omg one button un done.. this feels like a porno…mmm… love MJ.

He is pretty sexy here. He had his moments, for sure.

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