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Michael Jackson Gingerbread Cookies and Neverland Candy Ranch


Gingerbread is one of the best things about Christmas, but these really take the cake. Or the cookie, as it were. Spookyloop is a big Michael Jackson fan with unusual taste and serious patience.



Spookyloop says, “The Michael cookies were just a random idea I got last year, but it took me this long to actually make them.”
“The ranch was also a very random idea. I had to make all the patterns and such myself based on a few pics of the train station of the ranch. It took me 5 days overall to make the patterns, bake the gingerbread, decorate, put everything together and then decorate everything else. I also used over 1,5 kg/3,3 lbs of dough. All the animals, decorations, walls, frosting, even the rail road tracks are edible! The only thing not good for eating is the top of the carousel, because it kept falling apart and I had to glue the pieces to a piece of cardboard. There’s also a candy Bubbles sitting at the coach behind the train. (And just for the record, my brother was the one who wanted to add Cartman and mr Jefferson sitting on the train.)”




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wallywarepottery MJ tree ornament

Here’s a Christmas ornament from Wallywarepottery. It looks a little scary to hang on my tree, but hey, to each their own. Look for Wallywarepottery on Esty.com.

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Michael Jackson scuptures by Marc Quinn

Well, they’re not pretty…but these Michael Jackson sculptures by Marc Quinn are interesting. I looked up the artist, Marc Quinn, and found a provocative site. Here’s what the artist’s biography says at http://www.marcquinn.com.

Marc Quinn’s wide-ranging oeuvre displays a preoccupation with the mutability of the body and the dualisms that define human life: spiritual and physical, surface and depth, cerebral and sexual. Using an uncompromising array of materials, from ice and blood to glass, marble or lead, Quinn develops these paradoxes into experimental, conceptual works that are mostly figurative in form.

Quinn’s sculpture, paintings and drawings often deal with the distanced relationship we have with our bodies, highlighting how the conflict between the ‘natural’ and ‘cultural’ has a grip on the contemporary psyche. In 1999, Quinn began a series of marble sculptures of amputees as a way of re-reading the aspirations of Greek and Roman statuary and their depictions of an idealised whole. One such work depicted Alison Lapper, a woman who was born without arms, when she was heavily pregnant. Quinn subsequently enlarged this work to make it a major piece of public art for the fourth plinth of Trafalgar Square. Other key themes in his work include genetic modification and hybridism. Garden (2000), for instance, is a walk-through installation of impossibly beautiful flowers that will never decay, or his ‘Eternal Spring’ sculptures, featuring flowers preserved in perfect bloom by being plunged into sub-zero silicone. Quinn has also explored the potential artistic uses of DNA, making a portrait of a sitter by extracting strands of DNA and placing it in a test-tube. DNA Garden (2001), contains the DNA of over 75 plant species as well as 2 humans: a re-enactment of the Garden of Eden on a cellular level. Quinn’s diverse and poetic work meditates on our attempts to understand or overcome the transience of human life through scientific knowledge and artistic expression.

Marc Quinn has exhibited in many important group and solo exhibitions internationally including Sonsbeek ’93, Arnhem (1993), Give and Take, Victoria and Albert Museum, London (2001), Statements 7, 50th Venice Biennale (2003) and Gwangju Biennale (2004). Solo exhibitions include Tate Gallery, London (1995), Kunstverein Hannover (1999), Fondazione Prada, Milan (2000), Tate Liverpool (2002), Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin (2004), Groninger Museum, Groningen (2006) and MACRO, Rome (2006), DHC/ART Fondation pour l’art contemporain, Montréal (2007) and Fondation Beyeler, Basel (2009).

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Darling little michael jackson painted dolls

“Here is my tribute to Michael Jackson. He was an incredibly talented young man. He set the standard in music, fashion and dance! These six little Michaels are dressed off of some of his famous videos. This is a perfect set for a Michael collector! They are painted on 2 3/8″ tall doll forms.

There are more sets to come. Watch for the Thriller set!”

Fancie Fannies Tribute to Michael Jackson is absolutely darling- these tiny little gems have such detailed, colourful costumes! All of Fancie Fannie’s dolls are tremendous, but I have a soft spot for these ones, of course. An absolute steal at $30.

Click here to visit Fancie’s Etsy shop and see all of her adorable work. She paints tiny wooden dolls and clothespins to resemble Noah’s Ark, Tim Burton characters, superheroes, fairies, etc. Totally original, totally sweet.


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Michael Jackson Pendant

I found some lovely pendants and lockets with Michael Jackson on Etsy. I’m the proud owner of a quirky pin featuring Michael Jackson with Ermine by Lauren Marsella; but I also have a wonderful commemorative locket with Princess Diana and was waiting until I found the right piece for wearing Michael close to my heart. I chose one of this crafter’s amazing tributes. Here are a few others.


The prices for these Michael Jackson pendants are totally reasonable, too, around thirteen bucks!

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Handmade MJ Bad Notebook

Here’s what the Etsy page where I found this says:

Awesome and one-of-a-kind! Cover art work from LP “rejects” have been re-used and hand-crafted into a spiffy spiral-bound notebook!


The inside was also super cool:

BubblePopNotebooks creates all kinds of notebooks with old album cover. They are superdurable and funky. Check out her stuff: more Michael, Van Halen, the Cars, Madonna, Rolling Stones, even rare Steve Martin.

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Who’s Bad?

This absolutely darling MJ tribute is from the nice folks at misofunky.com, where you can find all manner of nifty embroidery, cross-stitch, etc.

Here’s what they say about their site:

Miso Funky

“Miso Funky, based in Glasgow, Scotland, was born out of a need to alleviate the drudgery of the 9-5 work grind. .. The name Miso Funky (pronounced mee-so funky) is inspired by a love of all things Japanese and a passion for the unusual. And so the mission statement of handmade things to funkify your life was born! Miso Funky’s inspirations come from many different places – a rummage through a charity shop, a piece of new fabric or even an old advert. Miso Funky’s products are always evolving but the staples are the embroidery homewares range, including aprons, tea towels, samplers, coasters, magnets and much more…”

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The Jacko Lantern

Yes, I’m frittering away precious time on Google while I’m supposed to be working on a major photography writing assignment. It’s nowhere near Halloween, but I just can’t wait until October to post these amazing pumpkin pics. Wow! There are so many Michael Jackson niche hobbies from butter sculpting to pumpkin carving! Check out these wonderful jack o lanterns!

from funmike.com

pumpkin painting by Lynne Marchesse

by Duncan Creamer

Visit Duncan Creamer at http://www.flickr.com/photos/creamaster/2782996361/

Do you have a pumpkin pic to send me? If one of these is your pumpkin, please let me know so I can credit you.

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Stones from the River

Here’s an unusual addition to your collection of Everything Michael Jackson. Handpainted stones. They would make lovely decorative accents inside a flower pot or strewn in the garden or birdbath. Or, they’d be nice with some glowing candles on a vintage mirror. You could also keep one in your pocket as a good luck charm. These simple treasures are beautifully painted. The only problem? Michael HATED being called “Jacko.”

Aurabalicraft.com is a unique company in Bali, Indonesia. You can order river stones with anything you like engraved or painted on them. The stones come in black, white, or pink- naturally. The web site has beautiful exotic gifts. The checkers and dominoes, for example, are created from these same river stones!

If you own a store, there are thousands of unique wholesale items from necklaces to games that are created from natural Indonesian stones and shells.

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Just Bag It

Michael Jackson fans and manufacturers alike have shown tremendous creativity coming up with various Michael Jackson memorabilia products. This blog has taken great delight in both the woefully tacky and the heartfelt, brilliantly artistic merchandise tributes out there. The plastic  Michael mills  and factories showcase the excess and extreme of our mass culture, revealing the tacky and crass commercialism that is simply a fact of life in many of the dominant world cultures. However, the vast variety of products bearing this singular icon’s name is a testament to the inspiration he was to all facets of society. He inspired creativity and commerce, in big and small ways, from every corner of human capability.

Because I happened to need a new purse, I decided to check what kind of delightful “Michael Jackson purses” were available. WOW!!! The selection is incredible! From backpacks to chic handbags, from the heinous to the sublime, there is a Michael Jackson bag out there to suit every whim and every outfit. Take a look.

Standout style in bold red and black. Love the tag detail with dancing feet.

The Bag is Mine, mine, mine. Who wouldn't want an afro-themed bowling bag? This one's my fave.

Very stylish hobo design. Loving the red and black, the signature, the fact that this Michael Jackson purse can go anywhere.

Heartfelt quilted handmade bag at etsy.com by "snapshotbags."

Classic silhouette in classic neutrals.

This beautiful beaded cigar box purse is from lisachicboutique.com.

From covertocoverpurses.com, this bag is made out of vinyl records!

Bold, gold and glamourous.

Very elegant with classic motif. Can't find designer anywhere but photo has "crkarlacourtney" on it, so perhaps that's a clue.

It doesn't matter if your outfit is black or white.

another cigar box beauty by Ornelas Tabacco.

That contagious smile is sure to spread the l-o-v-e all day long.

A one of a kind handbag for the artist alone: she's listed at deviantart.com as "xpinkcocainex." A stunning piece.

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