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Michael Jackson Really Did Have Vitiligo- Autopsy

Wow- newsbreak: Michael Jackson really DID have vitiligo, just as he has been saying for the past quarter century. Now the bloodthirsty masses who hounded this poor, fragile man as a race traitor and skin bleacher should all be sent to their rooms.

See, turns out the official autopsy reports and medical records state that Michael Jackson was indeed black and white, patchy with the marks of the autoimmune disorder called vitiligo. Vitiligo is not just skin deep- it is a poorly understood disease of the immune system.

Thanks to friends at http://www.tratamientoycura.com for this montage.

Furthermore, Jackson was also nearly bald, partially because of the Pepsi burning some 25 years back.

I’ll have to forgive those of you idiot hicks whose masculinity or racial identity hinges on pushing other people down. After all, you’re nothing and you know you’re nothing, and you’re trying to make yourself something, and you never will, and your words are just sewage spewage.

But close personal friends of Michael Jackson like Quincy Jones have no excuse. How arrogant and full of yourself can you possibly be- you make some of the biggest hits in the world, your star makes you rich beyond measure and stretches the threshold of your creativity, and you still can’t afford him respect?

Just after Michael Jackson died, Quincy Jones told Details Magazine he feared MJ was out of touch with reality. “He’d come up with, ‘Man, I promise you I have this disease,’ and so forth, and ‘I have a blister on my lungs,’ and all that kind of bullshit,” Quincy said.

Quincy Jones claimed Michael Jackson “didn’t want to be black.” The music producer said loud and clear that he did not believe MJ had a disease, and insisted that the King of Pop was obsessed with whitening his appearance. “I don’t believe in any of that bullshit, no. No. Never. I’ve been around junkies and stuff all my life. I’ve heard every excuse. It’s like smokers – ‘I only smoke when I drink’ and all that stuff. But it’s bullshit. You’re justifying something that’s destructive to your existence. But when somebody’s hell-bent on it, you can’t stop ’em.” He mentioned that Ray Charles had also tried to tell him he wasn’t a junkie.

“What his face turned into is ridiculous. Chemical peels and all of it. And I don’t understand it. But he obviously didn’t want to be black. You see his kids?”

Have you seen your own kids, Mr. Jones? All of Mr. Jones’ leading ladies have been white. Maybe he loved them/lusted for them, or maybe…he was ashamed to be black? How many times did he use the word ‘bullshit’ to express what he thought of Jackson’s “excuse?”

Bullshit is exactly what it is.

But why would MJ have white kids? Maybe he didn’t effing care about being a colour, just like he said. Maybe he didn’t want to pass on his spotty genes, or his drug addled sperm. Maybe he was shooting blanks and accepted gifts of close friends.

Now you tell me: if you were a superstar, a sex symbol, and a man in your prime early ‘20s, and you went bald and were spotted like a giraffe or a Dalmatian, how would your self-esteem be affected?

If looking in the mirror made you desperate because you lived in the public eye, and because no one, not even a hermit, wants to be spotty and bald, maybe you too would try to find a more artificial kind of beauty to work with. You too, might have developed body dysmorphic disorder or wrestle with your perceived ugliness.

Question: seeing as Michael Jackson was telling the truth about having vitiligo, what else might he have been telling the truth about?

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  1. michael

    I love you
    I learned English because of you

    Comment by cinthya MJJ | November 25, 2010 | Reply

    • I´m from Brazil

      Comment by cinthya MJJ | November 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. Quincy calling Mike an “Uncle Tom” and cracking on him about his kids made me laugh for the HYPOCRISY when I first heard about him saying that! Q’s NEVER married a Sistah, nor had kids by one, so he is the epitome of Black SELF HATRED, but I forgive that lost brotha and someday he’ll see the light. Black is BEAUTIFUL and to Hell with those that say otherwise. Michael didn’t hate being Black. He was proud of his heritage and anyone that truly knew and respected him would know that.

    Love ya ALWAYS, Mike! Rest in PEACE….

    Comment by redwingsdiva | September 14, 2011 | Reply

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